Auto Club Finds 571-Mile Route To Old Virginny

Crows flying from Cambridge to Charlottesville will have to cover only 500 miles, but non-aviary students who plan to motor down Virginia way for Saturday's gridiron spectacle will have to take a longer route.

The American Automobile Association told the CRIMSON yesterday that the fastest car route is approximately 571 miles. The recommended itinerary follows the Worcester Turnpike and Routes 20, 15 and 5 to the Merritt Parkway, and from there to New York City.

Route 22

From New York, go through the Holland Tunnel and take route 22 to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. From there go south on route 15 to Culpeppar, and then follow route 29 to Charlottesville, the AAA advised.

Best bet by railroad would be "The Federal," a train headed for Washington at 11 o'clock Friday night. It pulls into the Capital at 8:35 o'clock the next morning with both Pullman and coach cars. From that point there will be a train for Charlottesville at 11:11 o'clock.

Plane Service

Plane service to Washington will do nicely, if you don't get air-sick, the University Travel Agency reported. From Washington there are buses and trains running regularly to Charlottesville.

Round trip airplane fare to Washington is $46.70, including tax; those who only want to go one way will have to pay out $23.35.