AVC Supports Food Policies Of President

Unanimous approval of President Truman's plea for curtailment of food consumption came last night from the University's American Veterans Committee chapter.

Commending the University on its program to save food, the group called for the allocation of all money and provisions saved by Harvard in following the President's food policy to student relief in Europe, as it held its first general membership meeting of the term.

Indications that the National AVC Executive Committee may take over the Evans Carlson Memorial fund and turn it into a nation-wide project came from the meeting. A preliminary financial report on the first AVC forum, at which Henry A. Wallace was the principle speaker, showed that over 1800 dollars have been collected thus far, with more money outstanding.

Delegates Nominated

Twenty men were nominated for positions as delegates to the coming two-day Massachusetts state AVC convention at Springfield. The delegation will be elected at the next meeting of the chapter on Wednesday, October 22. The AVC group here, the largest in the state, is expected to wield much influence when the convention opens on November 15.

An outline of the coming year's activities was presented to the meeting by the several AVC committees. Projects planned include providing tutors for Veterans' Administration Hospitals in the vicinity, a series of informal seminars on American foreign policy led by mem-of the faculty, and a political actions technique training program.