College Artists Exhibit Work in Robinson Show

Robinson Hall plays host this week and next to the artistic work of more than a dozen undergraduates. Included in a selective exhibit of works done by members of the Harvard Art Association are pictures ranging from oils and water colors to charcoal drawings.

Among the works being shown are two water colors entitled "Autumn" and "Minneapolis," both by Stewart D. Kranz '49, who has previously exhibited at Boston and Rochester.

Other student artists whose works are included in the showing are Paul G. Stone '49 and Carl M. Schmaiz '48. The latter's painting, "Forest Interior," is his fourth interpretation of that subject. One of his earlier ones was purchased by Wellesley College.

Lectures Scheduled

Formed only last year, the Art Association has planned a series of lectures over the year culminating in a spring exhibit of Harvard artists' work. While the lectures will cater primarily to those who wish to paint, discussions on the history of art will also be included.


The Art Association's Sever Hall studio, open to graduate and undergraduate members but not to Radcliffe students, was put "out-of-bounds" as far as life classes were concerned last year. This season, however, members hope to make arrangements with the University for live models.