'51 Checks Eli Surge for 27-26 Win

After stalling and spluttering their way to a 7-all halftime deadlock, where not a single forward pass was attempted by either the Blue or the Red Yearlings, the margin of inches failed on a last-minute Yale conversion attempt to give the ball game to Henry Lamar and his men yesterday, 27-26.

Eli quarterback Stu Tisdale, who also scored the first blood for his team on the foundation of a recovered fumble deep in Yardling territory, also made the last enemy tally on a miscus. Crimson quarterback Jim Lowell intercepted Tisdale's earlier pass form the 30 yard stripe on his own five, but a ruling of interference on the play set the Bulldog down on the spot.

Tisdale Scores

After three failures, Tisdale carried the mail over from the ten. Now on the shoulders of the Blue's John Eden rested the best possibility of a tie. He made the first two, but Lamar's Jim Lowell did him one better and made three and that was just enough for the ball game.

Bob DiBlasto joined the persistent trio of the John West and White and Jim Lowell, as the three that buoyed the triumph. On a beautiful 32-yard run in the second period, he put the equalizer on the Yales for the half. When the Blues' John Lohnes pulled the old statue of liberty for 42 yards to even the tally. DiBlasio was equal to the task of evening things up by a 53 yard romp.

Passing Attack

Additional lead to the clearly inadequate one goal margin was supplied by the old West to White passing combo of the opposition's ten as the Crimson began to find that taking to the air also could pay off.

Now, however, the Bulldogs began to smart. With the opening of the fourth period they commenced an inexorable drive that drove the determined, but tiring Yardlings ever backward. From the 46 yard line Brad Quackenbush, who had played an excellent supporting game at left half, broke loose to put his teammates behind by one point.

Harvard starters: Bender, le, Kristopik, it, Coyne, lg. O'Brien, c, Roseman, rg. Sitter, rt. Callaban, re, Lowell, qb, Bottenfield, lhb, West, rhb. White, fb.