Yale Jinx Upsets Booters Again in 2-1 Heartbreaker

A hard-running Yale soccer team consistently controlled the play and ruined the best Harvard soccer record in nine years by blasting the Crimson, 2 to 1, yesterday afternoon on the field behind the Bowl. Coach MacDonald's team spent most of the afternoon passing to Yale players, and at no time approached the form they showed against Princeton.

The Crimson jumped off to a fast start in losing its second game of the season by presenting the Bulldogs with a goal in the first minute of play. Two of the halfbacks missed kicks and-Jack Calkins, Blue forward tapped in the score from three yards out.

Score in Five Minutes

Apparently aroused, the Crimson came back and scored five minutes later when John Spivak, clearly the best Harvard player on the field yesterday, headed in a pass from his outside, Bill Dawson. Crimson energy did not last long, however, and the Yale dominated the play for the rest of the game until late in the fourth quarter.

Captain Frenchy Brice of the Blue tallied the deciding goal when he dribbled through a couple of the Crimson defenders and crossed a shot into the corner of the net after two minutes of the second half.

Issue Decided Early

The issue was decided early when the swift Yale forwards repeated by-passed the Crimson halfback line, which failed to cover on defense and also clobbered up their own attack.

The Crimson lineup: Batcheler, g: Burrowes, rf; Scully, lf; Mavor, rh; Louria, ch; Ogfan, lh; Spivak, ro; Potter, ri; Aguirre, of; Chun, li; Dawson, lo. Substitutes: Blanco, Heisler, Estin, Harrop. Seamans, Carswell, Toulmin, Jessner, Wallace Ragle. Gibbert.