B. U. Nips Freshmen in Final Plays

With but minutes to play in the game and the Yardlings ahead by a 14 to 13 count, B.U. freshman Bob Boucher intercepted a long forward heave by Jim Lowell and seampered 60 yards to the goal line to turn victory into a 20 to 14 defeat for the Crimson Freshmen at Soldiers Field Saturday.

About half a dozen sideline spectators said the Terrier back stepped out of bounds on the Harvard 23 but the officials disagreed and the game ended a few plays later.

Coach Lamar called the afternoon "the best game our boys have played all year," and no one argued that point. Clicking as a unit for the full 60 minutes, the Yardlings outplayed and out rushed their heavier opponents consistently.

Only once or twice could the highly-touted Terrier pups pierce the Crimson forward wall for a gain and had to rely on long runs through a broken field for their scores. Lamar's backs, Johnny West in particular, found plenty of holes to run through.

White, Tolf Score


The Crimson scored both tallies in the second period. Jim Lowell handed the ball off to Johnny White for the first score to cap a 38-yard drive, and a few minutes later White tossed a flat forward to Dick Tolf who went over to put the Yardlings in the lead.

Boucher scored all of the Boston touchdowns on long runs. In the first period an end sweep was good for 87 yards and in the third a kick-off runback covered half the field. Bill Rosenau made both Harvard conversions.

The Harvard lineup: le, Hyde; lt, Kristopick; lg, Coyne; c, O'Brien; rg, Rosenau; rt, Callahan (capt); re, Carman; qb, Lowell; lhb, Bottenfield; rhb, West; fb, White.