Total Enrollment Tops All Records In Final Figures

Official confirmation of this year's reputed record-high enrollment figure came Saturday from Registrar Sargent Kennedy '14 in an announcement that the undergraduate body now numbers 5,597, 162 over last Fall's 5,435 tally.

University-wide registration will also eclipse past high-water marks, according to Kennedy, with an estimated total of 12,853. This spring's 12,494 represented a jump of 418 above the previous autumn.

Replacing the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences as top dog, the Law School boasts a probable current attendance of 2,131 compared with 1,899 of six months ago. The estimated Arts and Sciences 1,900 enrollment is a distinct drop from the springtime peak of 1,956.

Busy School Third

Third-place in the graduate lineup, the Business School guesses a figure of 1,500.


In the College, the Sophomore Class heads the list with 1,591 members. Second with 1,322, the Freshman Class runs in front of the 1,086-strong Junior contingent. One thousand forty-four students are not assigned to any class in the report. The Senior Class, probably actually including many unassigned men from classes officially out of College, trailed with 547. Six special Navy students completed the total.

The largest percentage increase in the University was registered by the Trade Union Fellowships, with a 66 2/3 spurt beyond last spring's nine. Largest numerical increase took place at the Law School in a total addition of 232.