Truman Economists May Ask for Three Million Outright for Europe As UN Seeks Early Adjournment

National: Truman to Ask for Three Million for Europe

President Truman's council of economic advisers announced yesterday that they will probably ask Congress to give outright more than $3,000,000 of aid to Western Europe under the Marshall Plan next year. The exact amount to be proposed for Congressional authorization during 1948 is still being worked out but insiders estimate it at six to seven million dollars.

Representative Knutson (R-Minn.) will proceed with his drive for a $4,000,000 tax cut notwithstanding the recommendation by Administration advisers that taxes be held where they are to help pay the bill for aid to Europe and curb inflation. "I hope it will be the first major piece of legislation passed at the special session," Knutson, head of the House Ways and Means Committee, said yesterday.

Howard Hughes yesterday flew his flying boat about one mile at an altitude of 70 feet during taxiing runs in the Los Angeles-Long Beach Harbor. The expected take-off was made at a speed of about 100 miles per hour. Hughes, however, did not think the plane's success would affect the attitude of the War Contracts Committee.

A jet fighter, proved for combat, was heralded by the United States Air Force yesterday. Having solved the problem of heavy fire power from aircraft flying at speeds approaching that of sound, the P-84 Thunderjet is "Now fully qualified for operational service."


Sports Summary: National League pro football: Pittsburgh 18-Green Bay 17; Philadelphia 38-Washington 14; Chicago Cards 17-Los Anglees Rams 10; Detroit 35-Giants 7. All America Conference: Cleveland 28-Buffalo 7; New York Yankees 35-Baltimore 21; San Francisco 26-Los Angeles Dons 16.

International: United Nations May Sidetrack Debate on Veto

In efforts to reach adjournment by November 25, the U.N. Assembly may shelve debate on the controversial big power veto, an authoritative source stated yesterday in New York. Assembly President Aranha of Brazil called on the 14-nation steering committee to meet today to discuss progress and methods of speeding conclusion of the current session.

Peruvian earthquakes followed by landslides and flash floods had claimed at least 43 lives by last night according to official dispatches which summarized casualties and damage since tremors first began yesterday.

British municipal elections came in for close scrutiny with an eye to possible effects on Congressional discussion over foreign aid, it was reported yesterday. There has been considerable debate of what their opponents call "Socialistic trends" in Europe, this having reached a peak during discussion on the British loan. Congressional criticism of political trends in Western Europe has been especially directed at the British government, with allegations that it has not been able to get the people to make a maximum production effort, regardless of its political color.

The weather: Sunny and mild today with the highest temperature about 40 degrees. Increasing cloudiness tonight and tomorrow.