Hockey Team Will Take On Eagles Dec. 3

Coach Chase Notes 'Toughest Schedule'

"We've got a tough schedule--one of the toughest schedules as far as I know that Harvard has ever faced." In these words Coach Jack Chase summed up hockey prospects before 119 candidates for the Varsity, Jayvee, and Freshman squads at a meeting in the Varsity Club yesterday evening.

The Varsity takes to the ice at the Arena November 17 in preparation for the first match, against B.C., on December 3. To whip the Crimson team into shape, Coach Chase has arranged three-hour practice sessions at the rink every weekday except Thursdays.

Conditioning Emphasized

Yale has been on the ice since the middle of October, noted Coach Chase. He emphasized conditioning exercises to prevent early season strains which hampered the Crimson last year.

Starting today and continuing until the team begins practice at the Arena, a special exercise class with attendance records will work out at the Indoor Athletic Building every weekday afternoon at 5 o'clock.


The Freshman hockey schedule is nearly completed, and the Jayvees will see more action than they did last year. Individual interest will decide whether House hockey can be arranged as the season progresses.


Dec. 3 Boston College

Dec. 4 Brown at Providence

Dec. 10 Boston University

Dec. 17 Boston Athletic Association

Dec. 19 McGill at Montreal

Dec. 29 Col. College at Col. Springs

Dec. 30 Col. College at Col. Springs

Jan. 2 U. of Minn. at Minn.