Dinners, Plays, Dances Will Gladden Houses Decked for Yuletide Gaiety

Continuing last year's revival of prewar Christmas festivities, all seven Houses have scheduled launchings into beer, holiday dinners, and drama. Some plan informal dances following their Theapian efforts.

Adams House will start the week's festivities on Friday with a gale Christmas dinner for Gold Coasters and their Indies, followed by a production of Thurber's "Male Animal." Dancing will conclude the evening's celebration. Dunster will be competing with Adams that night as the two Houses present the same bill. Their dramatic falcuts will be concentrated on Outon's "Peace in Our Time," starting Heleu MeCleskey.

The holiday meed will be matuisined by Lowell on Monday night with Ben Johnson's "Epicone." The presentation will be preceded by a House dinner. Puritan asceticism will be set aside temporarily Tuesday as the Winthrop tradition of presidential dinner addresses continues. After his chat, President Conant will be entertained by a performance of "the Compulsory Marriage."

"Front Page" will break the Deacoucustom of Restoration bawdiness on December 17, but the Bunuies will continue in that vein with a production of Wycherley's "Country Wife" the same evening.

"The Merry Wives of Windsor" to on the boards in Eilot with Jerome T. Klity '50 continuing in his elephantine role as Flagstaff.