Trackmen Corral Four First Places In Tufts Practice

"They did all right. I think our runners will come along nicely in time for the important meets," was Coach Mikkola's comment following Saturday's practice track meet in the tufts Cage at Medford. No scores or official times were kept.

Led by Ted Vogel and Ed Palmieri, both Olympic candidates, the Jumbos dominated the running events, winning the dash, 600, mile, two-mile, and relay races Crimson captain Frank Gurley set the early pace in the 1000, yielded the lead and finally won by two step.

Harvard's beef trust performed pretty much as expected. Sam Felton threw the 35-pound weight better than 54 feet, big Geoffrey Tootell hit for 46 feet in the shot, and don Trimble took second.

In the pole vault, Owen Torrey and Bill Lawrence both cleared 11 feet, six inches on their third hoists to tie for first.

The practice track meet amounts to the same thing as the football or basketball scrimmage, except that it is open to the public. And if Coach Mikkola didn't show his strongest hand Saturday, it may have been because of letters such as the one a Tufts man received from New Haven. "Go down and take a look at Harvard Saturday, will you" the note said.