Debaters Seeking New Recruits for Incipient Contests

With a record of six victories and three defeats against nine opponents last fall, the Debate Council is looking forward to a larger schedule and increased membership next term, according to a statement this week by Robert M. Beren '47, president.

Led by Beren, the Council was successful last term in engagements with Middlebury, Clark, Tufts, Dartmouth, M.I.T., and Boston University, but bowed to Yale. McGill, and Holy Cross. In addition, a team of Freshmen from the Council defeated Andover Academy.

Spring Debates Scheduled

Contests have already been scheduled for the spring term with Temple, University of California, Columbia, West Point, Princeton, Brown, Amherst, Williams, and the University of Pennsylvania, Beren announced. Several other debates are being arranged for, he added. The spring session will end, as usual, with the traditional Harvard-Yale-Princeton triangular debate at the end of the April.

In addition to its own schedule, the Debate Council will sponsor a series of inter-House contests open to any resident of the Houses competing. The first of these debates is tentatively set for early in February.

Tryouts for the Council will be held during march, beren stated. At present, Freshmen are eligible but plans for next year call for the formation of a seperate Freshman Debate Council. Beren did not announce how many of the contestants would be elected.