PBH Social Services Bridge Traditional Town-Gown Gap

Brooks House Members Collect Blood, Supply Talent, Sell Theater Tickets to College

Red Cross blood donations and Thanksgiving baskets were added this year to the usual quota of PBH philanthropic services, as Brooks House activities once more resumed a full pre-war scale of activities.

Under the guidance of Charles W. Duhig '29, assistant dean of the College and Graduate Secretary of PBH, new committees, such as the Harvard Ticket Agency and Information Bureau, came into full swing, while old ones, such as the Social Service Committee, hit their stride once more.

Ticket Agency

The Ticket Agency has been answering student requests for the local shows, and, through "contacts" with Boston theaters, can usually supply the required ducats. An ordinary afternoon in the Agency's headquarters saw a stream of recreation seekers clamoring for admission at box-office prices.

Meanwhile the Speakers Committee has prepared a stock-pile of rabbit-extricators, vocalists, and assorted talented undergrads, who are shipped out to near by institutions on request. Current events forums are the new thing on the agenda of this group, in addition to plans for sponsoring of amateur settlement house dramatics.

Brooks House, under the presidency of Ray A. Goldberg '48, has also opened its doors to any nearby organizations that with to use it. Student Council dictums originate in a PBH sanctum, and the University AVC chapter has a room of its own. Harvard Dames and John Reed Society members alike partake of Brooks House facilities.

Special Treat

As a special treat for neighborhood children who still thrill at the sight of a red cap and a white beard at Christmas times, PBH superintendent "Jock" Cockburn donned the gay apparel for 19 youngsters, who watched a magician while lapping up holiday refreshments.

Social Service Committee members have been trying psychological techniques learned in college courses on settlement house children of the neighborhood.

Brooks House publications men are already at work on next year's hand-book for incoming Freshmen, and have been readying a once-a-term edition of the Brooks House newspaper.