Pierian Sodality, Country's Oldest Musical Organization, Plans New Concert Schedule

Strictly for classicists is the Pierian Sodality of 1808, oldest musical organization in the land. About 60 members of the Harvard and Radcliffe orchestras form the skilled nucleus of both organizations, and spend their time boosting the orchestra's prestige by playing at local schools and clubs.

Only way into the club is to play in the College orchestra for two terms. After that you become a member, "subject to approval by the Sodality in session"--"which means," according to President Edward C. Troupin '46, "attendance, interest, cooperation, and no B.O. or halitosis."

Members spend two nights a week in rehearsal under the baton of Malcolm H. Holmes '28, Dean of the New England Conservatory of Music. So far this season the group has performed at Sanders Theater with the Radcliffe Choral Group and travelled to Swampscott to play at the Tedesco Country Club. Planned for the coming term is another Sanders performance and a trip to Groton School, as well as joint concerts with Wellesley, Mt. Holyoke, and Colby Junior College.

Troupin emphasizes that virtuosity is not the prime requisite of prospective members of the Sodality--"Simply the desire to enjoy making good music with us. Very few of the members are Music concentrators--they just like to play."