Scientific Forums Here Will Attract Outside Speakers

Scientists from colleges throughout the country will meet with men of the University's Department of Engineering Sciences and Applied Physics to thrash out general technical questions and their practical applications in a series of weekly lectures and forums starting Wednesday at 4:30 o'clock.

Varying in subject matter and general interest, the lectures will be divided between discussions of electrical subjects and talks concerning mechanical topics. Open to anyone interested, the first lecture will be held in Pierce 110.

Talks on Fluid Mechanics

Also among the first talks will be a discussion by Howard W. Emmons, associate professor of Engineering Science and chairman of the department's colloquium committee on "Some Problems of Fluid Mechanics." and an address by Professor W. Prager of Brown University dealing with "An Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of Plasticity."

The collequium committee is composed of Chairman emmons, Frederick V. Bunt, Gordon Mckay Professor of Applied Physics, and Professor Chaffee.

Founded just last June, the Department's of Engineering Sciences and Applied Physics is the newest under the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.