State Adds to Prison Terms For Parkhurst

Former Student Gets Two and A Half to Four Years for Thirteen Counts of Larceny

Alfred B. Parkhurst, sentenced last month to two years in the Federal Prison at Chilicothe, Ohio, for stealing $3000 worth of GI subsistence checks, paid the pound of flesh demanded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in Middlesex Court yesterday morning, to the weight of two and a half to four years for 13 counts of larceny.

Arraignment, a plea of guilty, and sentencing by Judge Paul G. Kirk followed almost as speedily as the rapid disposal of the U. S. Government's 119 theft and forgery counts against Parkhurst. The accused again waived defense and jury trial, this time against the three indictments of the country grand jury.

Two of these covered his illegal entries and thefts in College rooms, and one was a recognition of hitherto unpublicized successes in Newton.

Unclaimed Loot to be Shared

Cambridge Detective Bureau offices in Central Square, which to date have served as a warehouse for the still unclaimed portions of Parkhurst's loot, will soon be relieved of the remaining goods and clothing. Officers reported yesterday that the convicted man's father, Irving B. Parkhurst, assistant business manager of the University, had arranged for its removal and storage.

Harland B. Newton, Parkhurst's defense counsel, stressed to an attentive court of the rehabilitative possibilities of his client, and managed to slice off six months to a year from the demands of District Attorney George Thompson, who sought a penalty of three to five years.

Parkhurst, Newton announced, would go in two or three days from the East Cambridge Jail to Ohio to serve out the time he owes to the Federal Authorities. At the conclusion of his detention there, he will be surrendered to officials of the Charlestown Prison.