Survey Indicates Improvements in Laundry Service

Coop and Capitol Still Shutouts, But Gold Coast, Rogers Open Arms to All New Customers

Things are looking up in the laundry situation, although it will be some time before an incoming Freshman can have his dainties luxed at the cleansers of his choice, according to local entrepreneurs.

Those who desire Coop service, will have to do their own a little longer, according to G. E. Cole, manager. Said Cole yesterday: "We are taking the maximum. It reminds me of the sign in the barroom, 'Don't blame the piano-player, he's doing the best he can.' I'm hoping that by slow attrition things will get down to normal."

James Bernard, agent for the Capitol Laundry, countered all inquiries with an unyielding: "We're pretty well filled, and we cannot expand our service at this time."

The red door is wide open, however, at the tradition-laden little shop of the Gold Coast Valeteria. Said Syd Goren for proprietor Benny Jacobson, "Our service has improved a hundred percent since last September, and we're not turning anyone away. We have a hand laundry service now, and every shirt is hand-finished, just like at the Chinese places."

Jack Rogers of Rogers Men Shop also took an encouraging view of the overall situation. "We say one week, but we're making it in six days," he affirmed.