Dunster Shows Passion for Independence

Former Stronghold of Latins Combines Physical Aloofness With Community Sentiments

Dunster House has been compared by its members to the state of Texas in its self-sufficient attitude toward the rest of the University. Physically the most isolated of the Houses, and injected with the most rambunctious and tightly-knit spirit, residents scorn secession from their neighbors, sure in the conviction that the summer winds blow cooler and the proctor's beer flows freer.

In former days the analogy was pressed to regarding the Charles as the Rio Grande, since Latin Americans seemed to cross both in profusion to find a home. Although Dunster was known for a time as a residence of all South American students in the College, Winthrop now boasts more members from the southern half of the hemisphere.

Argentine Smokes Remain

Chief relic now from the south-of-the-border influence of the scholarly House Master Clarence H. Haring '07, are the Argentine cigarettes which he freely dispenses on Monday afternoons when he and his wife extend their hospitality to House members.

Thus there is no longer a Spanish table in the Dunster dining room where the food, dispensed from an individual kitchen, is rated as second to none. But French conversationalists still hold forth twice a week over a catein aperitif.

For all its self contained unity, Dunster has shown a strong community feeling, and turned out the largest number of men for the last set of Council nominations. There is an even balance of the intellectual, social, and athletic elements, with a minimum of stratified cliques.

Weekly forums held in the common rooms, where representatives of the faculty hold forth on topical subjects, draw in a number of Dunster men. The largest and best of the House libraries, and the most up to date record collection, are other advantages.

With a very well rounded set of tutors. Dunster is still known as "The Economics House" as far away as the London School of Economics, with men like Harris, Leoutieff, Mason, and schumpeter attached to the staff.