Matmen Win Top Three Classes to Swamp Wesleyan

Wrestlers Bounce Back from Yale Lose to Win, 19-11

Ahead 11 to 8 at the end of the first five bouts, a good Wesleyan wrestling team was toppled last night by the weight of Crimson experience in the heavy classes, losing by a 19 to 11 count at the Indoor Athletic Building. Jay Thomas's Freshmen had little trouble with the Wesleyan first year men, and won 29 to 5.

Pete Fuller, who nearly didn't wrestle because of injuries, clinched the meet for the Crimson by pinning the heretofore undefeated Wesleyan captain with a shoulder stand in 8:35 when the referee called a dubious pin. Fuller would have won the match by a decision in any case.

In the 175-pound class Bob Claflin, much improved since his first match a month ago, got an easy 7 to 1 decision while Crimson captain Don Louria bulldozed Don Rourke to a 6 to 2 decision. Frank Trinkle used a half nelson and chicken wing to pin the Wesleyan 136-pounder in 2:28 of the first period.

Ray Loses First Match

At 128 Pat Bowditch took a 5 to 3 decision from Dick Holway of Wesleyan. Dan Ray moved up to the 155-pound class for this match to meet the Wesleyan ace leg wrestler Frank Bowles and dropped a 2 to 0 decision in the last 20 seconds when a near-fall hold turned into a reversal for Bowles. Bill Bluemel lost a decision at 121 while Arnold Zellner was pinned in the 145-pound weight.

Captain Ray Rogers got a first period pin for the Yardlings while Duncan Devereaux at 145, Roger Perry at 155, and Ed Sax at unlimited won by defaults.