Munro Takes Over Veteran Post in June

Office Streamlined as Fewer Servicemen Return, Making Paperwork Principal Task

John Usher Monro '34, will replace Wilbur J. Bender '27, as Counsellor for Veterans when Bender assumes his new position as Dean of the College in June, Proyost Buck announced yesterday.

Because of the reduced numbers of returning servicemen, the Veterans Office will undertake a streamlined scale of operations after Munro moves up from his present post of assistant counselor to direction of the bureau on July 1.

Exclusive control of admissions policy and allotment of war service credit will be returned to the individual schools and departments of the University, Provost Buck said.

Wartime Expedient

Organized two years ago to handle educational problems caused by rapid demobilization of the armed forces, the Counselor for Veterans Office assumed the tasks of 1) advising servicemen with schooling problems, whether or not they intended to matriculate here, 2) helping veterans seeking admission to the University, and 3) acting as liaison bureau between the University and the Veterans Administration.

Munro will take over an office whose duties will consist largely of handling the paper work of G.I. allowances and book allotments. Other functions will be returned to the respective schools on a pre-war basis.

The new counselor entered the Veterans Office a year ago after serving in the Navy five years, four of them in the Pacific. After working on the Boston Transcript and the University News Office staff, he was commissioned a Lieutenant (jg) in 1941 and was separated as a Commander.