Ex-GI's, Non-Vets Got Same Grades In Fall Semester

Veterans and non-veterans were about equal scholastically during the fall semester, University statistics disclosed yesterday.

Of the 5059 students at the College whose January grades were tabulated, 29.7 percent attained B or higher averages, and thus finished in the first three ranks.

In this classification, veterans did some-what better than non-veterans, since 30 percent of the former, as opposed to 28.5 percent of the latter, achieved a Dean's list average.

When it came to four A's and first rank, however, non-veterans outshone the ex-service men, placing 1.8 percent of their number in the first group, compared with 1.3 percent for the veterans. The figure for the College as a whole was 1.5 percent.

Other Statistics

College-wide figures for the other rank groups along the bell curve were: second rank, 8.2 percent; third rank, 20 percent; fourth rank, .26.3 percent; fifth rank, 26.4 percent; and sixth rank, 5.4 percent. Those whose work was unsatisfactory or who have left College totalled 12.2 percent.