Salzburg Group Selects 19-Man Seminar Faculty

Staff of Professors, Graduate Students, Critics to Teach American Civilization Course

Administrative machinery of the Student Council's Salzburg Seminar plan slid into high gear yesterday as the project's executive committee announced a staff of 11 professors and eight graduate assistants that will carry the teaching load this summer at the proposed Seminar on American Civilization.

Wassily W. Leontief, professor of Economics, F.O. Matthiessen, professor of History and Literature, and Benjamin F. Wright, professor of Government, all previously named to the Seminar faculty will head the University's contingent to Salzburg, added by newly-appointed Harvard graduate assistants Villa Cans, Carl Kaysen 2G, Mark Linenthal, Jr. 2G Kenneth S. Lynn '45, and Jacob C. Levenson, Teaching Fellow in History and Literature.

Preparations in Final Stage

As travel preparations were pushed into their final stages, with the staff scheduled to leave the country by troopship or plane before the end of June, the executive council released the present faculty list.

In addition to the University men, Professors Walt W. Rostow of Oxford, an economist; Richard Schlatter of Rutgers, and Elispeth Davies of Sara Lawrence, historians; and Margaret Mead of Columbia, a cultural anthropologist, have joined the Salzburg faculty.


Completing the roster are literary critic Alfred Kazin, New York Herald Tribune music critic Virgil Thomson '22, J.J. Sweeney, former director of the New York Museum of Modern Art, and public opinion expert Lyman Bryson of Columbia University and the Columbia Broadcasting system.

Austrian General Wires

The Commanding General of the United States Forces in Austria has wired final approval of the project, and committees of education in several European universities have nominated some of their country's scholars to the Seminar's student body. Eighty men of the those nominated will be selected during June by a special board consisting of Clemens Heller 3G, Scott B. Elledge, Instructor in English, and officials of the International Student's Service.

Graduate students from Princeton, Cornell, and the University of Chicago have also been added of the staff as assistants, while three additional aides and a professor of American government have yet to be named.

An executive group of University students, including administrative secretaries Clemens Heller and Richard D. Campbell, Jr. '43, as well as Kingsley Ervin '46 and Levin H. Campbell, 3rd '48, will also travel to Salzburg.