Dining Halls' Chief Resigns

After 24 years as superintendent of House dining halls, Roy L. Westcott announced his retirement as effective this week. Assuming Westcott's duties will be his former assistant, William A. Heaman, who first came here in 1924 as superintendent of the Union.

Westcott said he will spend his first two weeks of retirement visiting his grandchildren. Then he will look for "a little fishing" in the tradition of life insurance benefit advertisements

"General Retirement"

His resignation was termed "a general retirement from business," and he has no further definite plans.

Heaman, Westcott's successor, had the Union as his sole responsibility until the late thirties, when he was designated to aid Westcott. He retained his old office in the Union, however, until assuming his promotion on June 30.

With only three House dining halls in summer operation, the new superintendent will be able to work into the post gradually.