Tennis Slates Show Uneven Registrations

Business School's Vacation Stalls Net Tourney Opening

Although entries is the University championship tennis tournament were originally slated to close today with the first round of play starting tomorrow, in all likelihood the slats will have to be kept open until next Monday, when the Business School returns from a week-long recess.

As of yesterday afternoon the most interest had been manifested in the open singles tournament where 19 competitors have been lined up. Only one man had pessimistically classed himself as a novice racquet wielder for the closed tourney.

Norman W. Fradd, assistant director of Physical Training, extended an invitation to all Freshmen yesterday afternoon to get in on the ground floor of the closed tournament immediately, for unless more enroll, this competition will have to be abandoned.

Closed Doubles This.

Closed doubles was also in the same undersold condition yesterday, with a single pair now the automatic winners by default. Six teams, however, are listed for the unrestricted class.

Despite the monkey wrench that the Business School vacation has thrown into the tournament schedules, Fradd hopes to get as much started as possible this week. On the brighter side of the picture on the courts yesterday, as far as non-competing amateurs was concerned, was the unaccustomed availability of courts.

Reservations will probably be something of a formality this week, kiosk keeper Frank E. Silva 3L reported yesterday, creating what he described as a "quiet country club atmosphere" these days across from Soldiers Field.