Eliot Leads in Finding Space For New Men

Returns from Other Houses Vary Widely

Reactions ranging from favorable to barely Jukewarm have thus far greeted Housemasters' offers that occupants of 20 of their "least inconvenienced suites," invite one additional man into their rooms before the extra lodger is thrust upon them.

An incomplete, last survey last night revealed that 17 of the requested 20 spaces have already been volunteered in Eliot House. Housemaster John H. Finley, Jr., '25, who termed the response "very good," stated that he expected to procure the additional spaces purely on a voluntary basis and predicted that the forced expansion would be completed next week.

At Leverett House, vounteering was "going beautifully," according to Housemaster Leigh Hoadley. Asserting that he had "nothing but the highest praise" for the men who have offered to squeeze an extra student into their rooms, he said more than 12 beds have already been volunteered.

If enough beds are not offered it is agreed, it will be necessary to select a man and place him in the room where occupants are presently "least inconvenienced." Before arbitrarily selecting someone, however, the Masters have offered men concerned an opportunity to choose a friend as an additional roommate.

Four men have volunteered at Dunster House, Housemaster Clarence H. Haring '07, said last night, while David M. Little '18, Master of Adams House, disclosed that volunteering has been "favorable under the circumstances.

"Only a few" spaces have been offered at Kirkland House, Housemaster Mason Hammond '25 asserted. "We are going to tap them," he added, explaining that the needed spaces will be selected tomorrow, and additional men will be sent into them. Occupants will have some choice of their roommates, he said, but added that "we've given them a chance to volunteer."