Freshman Five Downs Milton, 54-28 As Jayvees Stop Local YMCA, 58-45

Both the freshman and jayvee basketball teams had easy times of it over the weekend as the Yardlings outclassed the Milton Academy five, 54 to 28, Saturday afternoon on the losers' floor and the Jayvees turned back the Cambridge YMCA, 58 to 45, Friday night in the Indoor Athletic Building.

Paced by Ed Smith's 17 points, the freshmen had little trouble racking up their fifth win as the shorter, slower Milton quintet scored half its points from the foul line.

Strong Jayvee Defense

In a loosely-played game on the Blockhouse court, Hal Kopp's jayvee outfit registered its fourth win as the visitors were unable to work the ball past the Crimson defense in any sustained scoring drive.

The freshman starting lineup--rf, Smith: lf, Skinner; c, McCormick; rg, Wegner; lg, Gabler.


The jayvee lineup--rf, Altroechi; if, Mobraaten; c, Lionette; rg, Brynteson; lg, Covey (C).