Defends Beer

The Mail

To The Editors of the CRIMSON:

Soaring beer prices threaten American security far more dangerously than any Communist plot either at home or from abroad.

Beer is synonymous with happiness to the American workingman and college student. If prices on this basic commodity continue to rise there can be no other result than a thoroughly dissatisfied population.

Communist strategists have continually attempted to create such dissatisfaction in this great nation, this "Arsenal of Democracy," up to now by inciting race riots and wild-cat strikes. This philosophy that unrest makes a good breeding-ground for the growth of the Communist Party has succeeded to a large extent in eastern Europe, and to a smaller degree here in the United States.

Last Tuesday's announcement by the Schlitz Brewery of Milwaukee of a price boost of two or three cents on each quart of beer will soon be followed by Blatz and also all eastern breweries, such as Narragansett, Harvard. Bowdoin, Ballentine, Ruppert, etc.


It is obvious to any thinking man today that this evil trend, if allowed to continue, will inexorably foment Communism and all such foreign-born philosophies, particularly in colleges and labor unions.

How can we carry through a Marshall Plan to fight Communist-fomented dissatisfaction in Europe if we are unable to counter-act that very same condition here at home?

Arise, supporters of Democracy! Demand a House Un-American Activities Committee investigation immediately, before this insidious boring at the very roots of our great society can achieve the utter destruction of our American way of life. Demand a front-page expose by our Defender, the Chicago Tribune. Andrew E. Norman '51