1300 Sign HLU's Petition Backing Europe Aid Plan

Autographs of over 1300 students saturated Liberal Union petitions yesterday as the club ended three weeks of canvassing for supporters of a European Recovery Plan.

Nine out of every ten undergraduates approached by HLU members signed the petition, which urged Congress to vote favorably on legislation backing the Marshall Plan and not to cut down appropriations for foreign relief.

In addition to the signatures, forty telegrams were sent to Washington backing ERP.

The success of the campaign in the face of exam difficulties shows "renewed proof of the vitality and effectiveness of the Liberal Union," HLU president Frederic D. Houghteling '50 declared yesterday.

"Refutes Critics"


"It refutes our critics on the left, who maintained that only extremists are willing to work," Houghteling said, "and at the same time it makes ridiculous the claims to pre-eminence of our right-wing adversaries, who seem to believe that the number of innocents from whom a dollar membership dues can be extracted is the only important consideration."

During the spring term the HLU will start a fight against the Barnes and other Massachusetts bills which "seek to deprive Communists of their rights of citizenship." It will also oppose Universal Military Training and Henry Wallace, and support price controls.

Yesterday Roy F. Gootenberg '50 spoke for the HLU against the Wenzler Bill at a hearing before a Massachusetts Legislature committee.