Irascible Trib Lowers Boom On Langer's History of War

Chicago's Tribune fired charges of "hired liar" against William L. Langer '15, Coolidge Professor of History, in its lead editorial last Friday.

Colonel McCormick's journal predicted that Professor Langer's forth-coming history of World War II would be biased to represent the views of his two sponsors, who are "extremists in the cause of internationalism" and were "in the vanguard of the campaign to put the country into war."

The two backers referred to are the Council on Foreign Relations and the Rockefeller Foundation. They have granted $139,000 to subsidize the book.

Contacted last night, Professor Langer said he has not decided whether to bring charges since "it is not a very profitable occupation to sue a newspaper."

Meanwhile, the Trib's news pages continued their rubberneck tour through collegiate dens of Communism. After devoting eight articles to leftism in Harvard, McCormick published one story chronicling the history of Yale, two mentioning anglophiler at Princeton, and two more discussing internationalists in the whole Ivy League.


Thereupon the daily pulled up stakes and headed south, in order to examine Alabama's colleges in a more temperate climate.

Blasts Rhodes Scholars

In its second story on Princeton, the Trib hit Rhodes Scholars for "influencing public opinion on Britain's behalf." Founder Cecil Rhodes "plotted the idea of a secret society to extend British rule to recapture America for the king."

"American Rhodes Scholars," the article admitted, "deny they are members of such a society."

The first article of the series claimed that the Tribune had "found proof that the whole Ivy League is infested with pedagogic termites of communism, socialism, and other foreign-born schemes."