Sports of the Crimson

No Home on the Range

Between rifle blasts and the snorting of boilers, garrulous grumblings on the part of rifle team president and secretary, Hale and David Knight, are rising from the hot, noisy nether-regions of the Indoor Athletic Building these days. Punctuating these meanings are pleas for University financial and spiritual aid for the much pushed around rifle club.

Representative of the College in gun-happy circles since the turn of the century, with 32 matches scheduled and six more probables on the agenda for this season, the club feels that it is being vastly under-supported by the Athletic Association.

The 65 members of the club are negatively impressed by their bullet riddled retreat below the swimming pool.

Since their ousting by the more sensitive-eared Psycho-Acoustic laboratories from the basement of, Memorial Hall, the club has squeezed its target practises between those of the Army and Navy ROTC groups, from 4 to 6 o'clock each afternoon and at evening sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Pay Their Own Way


Unlike the outfits of other colleges, they take the financial load of buying ammunition, targets, and rifles on themselves, and even provide their own transportation to their few shoulder-to-shoulder matches. Flat wallets, however, have kept them to mail matches for the most part, and the enthusiastic group isn't happy about it.

Team records so far are unconvincing. Of the 15 matches shot thus far, scores have returned from 12, with victories registered against only Bowdoin, Rochester Institute of Technology, Brown, and Mohawk. "Unimpressive," admits Hale Knight, "but with most of the league matches still ahead, we're not too worried."