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By Fifield Workum

Chairman, recent Crimson building fund campaign; lawyer -- Simpson, Thatcher, and Bartlett.)

It would be an interesting study to discover whether the regularity with which the CRIMSON has provided good pay to its Business Managers has exceeded the regularity with which it has provided interesting and stimulating reading to its public. I believe the CRIMSON has been successful in both these important fields, and can continue.

Is it possible to have a consistent editorial "policy," with the changing Boards of College classes? The answer, I think, is yes: because the dominant policy over the years is a thoughtful and energetic and rather confident approach to local and broader matters. All of the readers have not agreed all of the time with what has been written on all subjects, yet from my first recollection of the paper, before we entered World War I, through efforts to maintain international peace and to defend our outspoken professors from outside interference, down more recently to specific advice on how a liberal should cast his national vote, the "policy" has been to admit as much freshness of thought as the Board could develop.

And if, in letting in some new air, the breeze has gotten a bit out of hand, and some of the trusted precepts on the desk near the window have been roughed up, there is normally a net gain. This is usually so, because good-will toward the aspirations of mankind is the most frequent hall-make of CRIMSON writers, and besides, it is more fun trying to run a good sheet than a mediocre one.

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