College Approves Rent Slashes for Gymdwellers

Officials Vote Rebate Up to $7 for Men Who Spent Seven Days or More in Gym

College officials have granted rent rebates ranging up to $7 to students temporarily quartered this fall in the Indoor Athletic Building.

The move was taken Friday evening at a meeting among Housemasters, Provost Buck, vice-President Reynolds and Deans Bender, Watson, Leighton and Fenn.

Rebates, which will be granted upon application to the Housing Office at Weld Hall, go to men who spant seven nights or more in the improvised dormitory on the gymnasium floor of the Blockhouse.

Rate of reduction will be fifty cents a night, calculated on the period from September 27 until the date the individual student is moved into permanent quarters.

Petition Asks Cut


Associate Dean Watson, who announced approval of the rabate system, presented to the meeting of University officials and Housemasters a petition signed by 79 gymdwellers requesting that some reduction be made in their rent for the time they spent in the Indoor Athletic Building.

The Petition, presented to Dean Watson Friday afternoon at his office, declared it is "unfair to charge full room rental for a bed, a chair and a locker . . ." The students further declared that they had been unable to unpack and their trunks were stored in Straus Hall basement.

Protests Last Week

Gymdwellers complaints with living conditions culminated last Tuesday in a series of protests presented to Fenn at an orientation meeting at the Union.

Closely following the meeting, the College took steps to clean the Indoor Athletic Building living quarters, and University employees began to move trunks for students transferred to permanent rooms.