Egg In Your Beer

"One at a Time"

Well, it isn't black magic any more. It seems that football still depends on the 22 guys on the field at any one time. It seems that you have to grab the ball to use it; you have to control it to score; you have to score to win.

Harvard took a shellacking from an aggressive, alert team. Our blocking was bad. Tackling---particularly in the middle of the line--was bad. Passing was wobbly and hesitant. The running attack didn't go.

What does it all add up to? Is the new contraption washed up? Emphatically no. The Cornell team upset our plans exactly as we upset Columbia's. They grabbed the initiative, befuddled an inexperienced Crimson team, and never let it get settled.

But there is something on the credit side from this loss. Perhaps those on the Harvard squad who have never played big time football before will now be a little more confident and steady in big time competition. Maybe the Squad will realize the truth of Art Valpey's incessant remarks to the effect that we don't have a team yet: We have potentialities, but we cannot win until we work well both as a unit and individually.

And In Ill-defined bounds of morale, Saturday isn't all bad. This game need not wreck the team or the coaching staff's season's plan. It means that the squad can go up from here on--to the bruising prospect of Army this week and a return to the more hospitable Stadium against Dartmouth.

This week will be a crucial one for the coaching staff. It must not only think about the Army, but it must also bring the team back into shape to play a game Saturday. Or preferably help the team bring itself up.