New Research Institute Will Study Role of Business Man

Curiosity as to the role of the business man in the growth of American civilization has led to the creation of a new research center at the University, Provost Buck announced last night, in outlining the program.

Aim of the study will be "to arrive at some ideas about what place the business man will occupy in the nation's future by looking back over his role in the past," Provost Buck explained. The research project, which has been financed by a grant of the Rockefeller Foundation, will be jointly sponsored by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Graduate School of Business Administration.

Officially titled The Research Center in Entrepreneurial History, the new project will be directed by Arthur H. Cole, professor of Business Economics at the Business School and Chairman of the Inter University Committee on Research in Economic History. Its offices will be in Holyoke House.

Shumpeter Assists Cole

Professor Joseph A. Shumpeter will assist Cole, as will a dozen other scholars from as many colleges.

Among the questions they will investigate are "The contribution of business men to a dynamic economy;" "The character, abilities, and philosophies of busidecade to decade and from century to century;" The conditions necessary to business enterprise in different periods of history;" and "The leadership of business."