Varsity Soccer Squad Ties Cayugans, 3 to 3

Three goals down after the first 15 minutes of play, the Varsity soccer team came back to tie Cornell's, 3 to 3, Saturday at Ithaca in its second of the season. Charlie Weiss third period goal tied the game, but neither squad could score in the overtime period.

Cornell tallied in the first six minutes of play on a long shot fired from the left wing which Crimson goalie Whoop Batchelder deflected but could not stop. Within five more minutes, the big Red had scored again when a kick from a Cornell halfback bounced away from Batchelder and the center forward booted it in.

Third Goal on Penalty

With 15 minutes of play gone, the referee called a hands penalty on one of the Crimson defensemen in the penalty area, an Cornell scored its third goal on a direct kick from the free kick spot eight yards out from the goal.

After almost a period of desultory play, the Crimson banged in two goals in a matter of four minutes. Both came as the result of indirect penalty kicks, awarded when the referee detected the Cornell goalie taking too many steps with the ball. On each occasion center forward Hans Estin passed to Captain Phil Potter, who booted in the scores.


The tying goal came late in the third period when left inside forward Charlie Weiss scored on a play set by a pass from his wing Bill Dawson, who arched a kick in front of the Cornell goal.

The game was not so rough as had been anticipated, largely because of the unusual penalties inflicted by the unfriendly officials.