Police Will Hear Address by Med School Professor

Eight hundred police chiefs will hear Dr. Alan R. Moritz of the Medical School's department of legal medicine talk tomorrow on the "Investigation of Homicide" at their organization's annual convention in New York.

Dr. Moritz said last night that he will tell the police officers about the safe-guarding of evidence where homicide is suspected.

The Department of Legal Medicine has aided Massachusetts law-enforcement agencies for many years. When a county or district examiner in the state suspects homicide in a death, he calls the department, which dispatches pathologists, chemists and firearms experts to the scene of the crime.

University Setup Unique

"The setup here is unique," Dr. Moritz said. Other states maintain their own bureaus of legal medicine. According to Dr. Moritz, Harvard is the only university to maintain such a clinic, and is the only university that regularly and actively aids in the tracking down of criminals.


Police officials from the U.S., Canada, and South America are expected to attend the conference of the international Association of Chiefs of Police meeting. The conference is the largest of its kind in America.