Varsity Whets Edge in Scrimmage

Search Continues for Backer-up, Ends

There is an old football coaches maxim to wit: the only way to learn to play football is to play football. If the adage is true, then the varsity squad is learning, fast, because it has another two hours of contact worth yesterday. As usual, it was a balanced workout--half offices, half defense.

Art Valpey is still looking for a right-side backer-up--somebody who will 'step out and be a leader," in addition to a pair of good defensive ends. He hopes to unearth them in the daily workouts against Jayvee Coach Ben McCabe's "Dartmouth" team. At the moment, will Davis, Don Stone, Paul O'Brien, Bill Hickey, and Chuck Glynn are all battling for a Saturday starting assignment. Veteran Phil Isenberg will handle the left flank.

Hyde Makes Bid

Sophomore Dike Hyde made a strong, bid for the starting defensive right end in yesterday's workout--played under the lights--consistently breaking through interference to smear halfbacks trying to sweep his end. Other note worthy play against the Jayvees' Dartmouth offense was turned in by guards Emil Drvaric and Dick Guidera.

Perfection was still the goal for the Crimson's single wing offense as everybody in sight took part in an hour-long exercise. an encouraging sign in this in this department was some sudden progress in the passing game. Chuck Roche, Jim Noonan, and Jim Kenary were all throwing, and, incidentally, completing nearly eighty percent of their heaves.

End coach Elmer Madar, who has spend the last three Saturday afternoons observing Dartmouth, had a few remarks to make yesterday about the 1946 edition, of the Big Green. First of all, he belittled the large amount of yardage chewed out of the Dartmouth line by Colgate Saturday. Most of it came against Dartmouth third and fourth-stringers when the Indians were some 80 pounds ahead, he explained.

Secondly, he noted that the Penn-Dartmouth contest was decided primarily on breaks all of which went against the Green.

Thirdly, Madar regretted to say that the Indian kicking game heretofore the weak spot o ftheir ply was largely repaired by last Saturday.