Davis Switched to Defensive Guard

Takes Butler's Post In Long Scrimmage

It is a safe prediction that Holy Cross will field the beefiest team on the schedule Saturday and the Crimson got in the mood to face this array of brawn yesterday by grinding through the longest scrimmage of the week.

As usual, practice was split equally between offensive and defensive workouts. In the latter, Wilbur Davis took over at guard for the injured Sam Butler, while Dick Guidera handled Davis' old place behind Doug Bradlce at tackle.

Passing Drill

This was the only change in the long workout, which began with a passing drill, Jim Konary and Jim Noonan throwing. Most of the afternoon was devoted to scrimmage, however, with the long suffering Freshmen bearing the brunt of Varsity offensive plays until total darkness forced play under the lights.

Then the Jayvees took over, running from the Crusaders' "T" formation for almost another hour against bitter Varsity resistance. But the simulation was not quite perfect, according to Scout Bill Barkley's reports. The real Holy Cross line will outweigh the Crimson 15 pounds per man, and fullback Veto Kissell is a young monster as a line bucker. He has been averaging five yards per play. Holy Cross varies its power routine with a strong passing attack from quarterback Walt Brennan to ends Tom Kelleher and Jim Dieckelman.


Having been frustrated in their last three encounters, the Crimson should have a psychological edge over the Crusaders on the Soldiers Field gridiron.