'Cliffe Wallaceites To Take Part In Torchlight Parade


Radcliffe Wallacites will march with University students in a torchlight parade starting from Harvard Hall Monday at 5 p.m., Sheila Uris '50, president of the Annex Wallace Committee, announced yesterday that members of the organization will participate in the election eve procession.

On the local scene, the committee has been canvassing votes for George Markham, who is running for state legislator on both Democratic and Progressive tickets, from wards 5, 6, 7, and 8. The girls have been distributing campaign literature to the public, and have volunteered to baby sit for Markham voters and canvassers.

Compete With Leslle

When told that students of Leslie College in Cambridge have decided to offer the same service to voters in the national election, Miss Uris said she "thought it was a good idea, and would see if her group could arrange a similar system."

Elaine Tanner '50, president of the Radcliffe League for Democracy, also considered the proposal, and agreed it was "a good idea."


Backed Birth Control

She reviewed the work her group has done in the political field recently, and mentioned that several girls have been busy distributing pamphlets on behalf of the birth control referendum. The League also polled the Annex student body on the national election.

Radcliffe's Students for Democratic Action, a student division of Americans for Democratic Action, has been canvassing voters in the various wards, urging that they register. The group has been working with the Harvard Liberal Union in an effort to help defeat the "anti-labor" referenda.