Annex Votes No on Measure For Library Book Checking

Radcliffe students have turned thumbs down on a book-checking system in the Annex Library. The vote was 317 to 299.

Passage of the proposal would have installed in the 'Cliffe Library a compulsory and definite check on all outgoing books. Only a voluntary record is now kept.

Until late returns from off-campus Everett and Henry Houses were counted yesterday, the suggested system of inspecting out-going books was ahead by a one-vote margin, 295 to 294. Final tallies were announced last night by Jennifer Post '51, chairman of the Student Government voting committee.

No Immediate Action

No immediate action will be taken by Library officials to substitute another method of signing out Annex books in place of the defeated system.

In voting last week, Radcliffe's 100-girl logasdlative body, Assembly, was axed by the final count of 519 to 113, and Annex membership in the University Association of Joint Student Councils won approval, 568 to 45.