Middies Shut Out Soccer Team, 2-0

Yardlings Top Exeter; Snap Victory Skein

Varsity soccer players ran like complacent gentlemen Saturday and as a result Navy sped away with a 2 to 0 victory at the Business School Field. The less was the first for the Crimson in six games and virtually eliminated them from contention in the Ivy League. Simultaneously on the adjoining field Foley Gayda's Freshman forces handed Exeter its first loss in 16 games as they scored in the second and third periods to win, 2 to 0.

From the start of the Varsity game there was never much doubt that Navy would win, for it consistently took possession of the hall from Crimson players, and in 6:10 of the opening period Archie Ruggieri, the Middies' outside left, shot the ball past goalie Loring Hatchelder who was screened on the play.

Harvard then started to improve but missed several scoring chances, and at the start of the second half Navy's outside right, Dave Space, took a pass from Ruggieri and tapped in the Middles' second goal. Apparently aroused, the Crimson threatened several more times until it ran out of gas in the middle of the last-quarter.

For the first time this year the Crimson short-passing game bogged down for a complete game--largely because the players never cut for passes. Navy players consistently outran and passed around them except for a brief interlude in the third period.

In the Freshman game, the picture was approximately reversed, as Guyda's Yardlings passed to two well-placed goals. Werner Drehmel scored the first goal in 11:52 of the second period with Piya Chakkaphak, the center-forward, scoring the last time just after the second half opened.