Tigers Look Menacing After 55-14 Trouncing of Virginia

Chalked up on the blackboard outside the Varsity locker room after Saturday's 20-18 victory over Holy Cross was the following score: "Princeton 55, Virginia 14." Art Valpey's players had a good chance to look at it as they trooped into the showers after the game.

For many of the older men the score had a particular significance. It was Virginia that ambushed Dick Harlow's team 49-0 at Charlottesville last fall. And although the Cavialiens have slipped a bit since then, a lot of the same performers lined up against Princeton in Palmer Stadium Saturday. Fullback Johnny Pap it was there. So were McCarey, Jones, Weir, Milne, Thomas, Leonard and Barbour.

Tigers Improving

What Princeton did to these men was slightly less than scandalous. Off to a slow start this season, the Tigers are becoming more ferocious by the week. All of which means that Art Valpey's athletes are in for a long week of preparation for Saturday's game in Palmer Stadium.

This one is more than just another ball game. It is the opening round in the 1948 Big Three competition. Harvard hasn't won the Big Three title since most football fans around here would care to remember. Last year, in a rain-soaked Stadium, the Tigers clawed the Crimson, 33-7.