New Reaction League Seeks Watson Okay

Official recognition as a College student organization is the goal of the recently-launched League for Reaction, founder Dohrman K. Pischel, Jr. '51 announced over the weekend. On Friday, Dean Watson called Pischel to his office to tell him about the necessary formalities student organizations must complete for recognition.

The League for Reaction entered the local political arena 10 days ago on a platform which included a property qualification for voting, "returning all Palestine to the Arabs," and "outright military support of the Chinese Nationalists."

Since the birth of the organization, which is opposed to "mobocracy," leaders of existing political groups around the College have been trying to decide whether Pischel and his group are serious or joking.

Roy F. Gootenberg '49, president of the Liberal Union, said he thought it was a gag. "They are a lunatic fringe," Gootenberg opined, "that doesn't represent Harvard opinion any more than the HYD does." He added, however, that "any new group that works in the open" is a healthy sign.

At the other end of the Harvard political front, Jarvis Moody '50, president of the Free Enterprise Society, warned all members of his group's executive board that they would have to leave the Society if they joined the League for Reaction.


"Some of their aims are asinine," Moody stated. "We don't support them in any way, shape or form."

A meeting of the proposed members of the new group will take place some time this week, Pischel reported. About 40 people responded to the League's call for supporters last week.