Salzburg Gets New Board of 12 Executives

A new, stream-lined, 12-member executive board for the Salzburg Seminar emerged Saturday afternoon from a reorganization of the old, larger executive group.

The revamped committee held its first formal meeting yesterday, pressing forward technical and financial preparations for next summer's Seminar. Possible faculty members were discussed, but no appointments were made.

Professor Henry Nash Smith of the University of Minnesota, present head of the executive committee, was renamed to lead the reorganized group at the Saturday meeting.

At the same time, John Finch, professor of English at Dartmouth, was designated executive secretary of Seminar activities. Acceptance of the appointment is contingent, however, on Dartmouth's granting a two-year leave-of-absence.

"Increased Efficiency"


Reorganized in the interests of increased efficiency and administrative cohesion, the new executive committee is composed of part of the old 30-member group. Faculty members will have six of the posts on the new board, while the other six slots will be allotted to students both on the graduate and undergraduate levels.

The Student Council at its meeting last week voted to continue sponsorship of the Seminar by permitting use of its name, but specified it would assume no financial responsibility for the project.

Possible transfer of the Seminar from Salzburg to some other city on the Continent was discussed in yesterday's meeting, but provisionally rejected by the meeting "unless another possibility presents itself."

Transfer would obviate yearly application to U.S. Army authorities for permission to conduct the Seminar. Current Seminar relations with the Army are "good," an executive committee spokesman has disclosed.


Members of the reorganized executive committee are:

Faculty division--Professor Smith, chairman; F. O. Matthiessen, professor of History and Literature; Benjamin F. Wright, professor of Government; Talcott Parsons, professor of Sociology; Wassily Leontief, professor of Economics, and Professor Finch;

Student division--Francis X. Sutton, Junior Prize Fellow in Social Relations; Robert Solow 2G, Jacob C. Levenson, Teaching Fellow; Richard Webster '51, treasurer of the Seminar; William D. Weeks '49, president of the Student Council, and one other member from the Council, as yet undesignated.