18 Scouts Get Tix For Crimson-Blue Feature Saturday

Saturday is the day Art Valpey and Herman Hickman are supposed to dust off all the razzle-dazzle plays they haven't used so far this year, but actually it's unlikely that Valpey will resort to any of the new plays he has cooked up this fall--unless he has to.

The reason is simple. Sitting in the Stadium along with 57,000 other spectators Saturday will be 18 men with notebooks. They are scouts for teams Harvard will play next year, and some of them will come from as far away as the Pacific Coast for this game.

18 Scouts Present

HAA Business Manager Carroll Getchell has secured tickets for two scouts from Stanford (which opens against the Crimson at-Palo Alto, Cal., next September), four from Columbia, five from Holy Cross, and seven from Cornell.

But it seems unlikely that Valpey will bend over backward to show them anything new.