Bender Asks New Investigation Plan

Guarantees Student Rights

Dean Bender yesterday made the first definite move toward rescinding his "clear it with Wilbur" policy on student interviews with University administrative officials.

A decision to "find a better way" to solve the problems which undergraduate investigations have caused Vice-President Reynolds and his subordinates came after a two-hour meeting between Bender, Reynolds, and ten members of the Student Council.

Bender described Council president William D. Weeks '49 and the nine other representatives as "very forcibly opposed to the proposed rule as a violation of student rights."

The Dean told them that he was perfectly willing to adopt any Council recommendation which would cut down on the administrative department's difficulties.

Dean Suggests Solution


Immediately after the meeting, Weeks called a special session of the Council. No concrete decision was reached, but Weeks promised a definite new proposal after the Council's regular meeting next Monday.

Bender suggested last night that the best solution might be (1) Council control of the requests for interviews with Reynolds and his assistants so that the administration would not be "snowed under" and (2) a permanent rule that no statement by any administrative official be made public before obtaining the viewpoint of the Dean's Office.

The Dean also pointed out that all the commotion over the suggested rule was the result of both its severity and the fact that it had been relayed to the student body by one man.

"Obviously it would have been better all around if I had consulted with the full Council first," he said.