Christmas Supper to Be Held In Agassiz on December 14


The Christmas season began at Radcliffe this week as Saga Stokowski, president of the Class of '51, announced that the annual Annex Christmas Supper will be held in Agassiz House on December 14.

Chairman of the sophomore-sponsored supper is Barbara Fitzgerald '51, vice-president of the class. Committee heads include Shcila Brown '51, publicity; Carol Smith '51, entertainment; Elizabeth Moses '51, waitresses and decorations; Joan Katzman '51 and Sue Steiner '51, tickets; and Cynthia Williams '51, invitations.

Christmas Story

Highlight of the traditional meal, for which the whole college gathers in Agassiz House, is the Christmas story, written by an undergraduate and read aloud by President W. K. Jordan Deadline for manuscripts this year is December 8, Miss Stokowski announced.

The Christmas story competition is an annual event for the Radcliffe Christmas Supper. Students often begin their scripts as early as June in anticipation of the contest.


Christmas Play

The entertainment program will also include a play with a Yule-time theme and strolling carolers. Traditionally the play is chosen from the ranks of recognized pieces, and thus has ranged in approach from humor to tragedy. Last year the middle English nativity play, "The Second Shepherds Play," was presented.