Polless Radcliffe Mermaids Dare Harvard in water Polo

Harvard-has taken up Radcliffe's challenge to fight it out in a water polo meet next Wednesday. Now the only thing lacking is a polo to hold the game in.

Jim Tracy '50, manager of the College's swimming team, said last night that Harvard is willing to take on the Annex squad which battled MIT Monday. The girls lost the Tech game by a one goal margin. Tracy is now busy rounding up enough Harvard swimmers to form a team.

Water, Water Everywhere. . .

A place to hold the contest is the major something called "female night" Wednesdays and the Indoor Athletic Building's pool is out, for unstated reasons. Annex swimmers intend an attempt to cut through red tape to obtain use of the 'Cliffe gymnasium pool.

Success of the Tech contest may mean the addition of intramural sports at Radcliffe, if enough girls will come out for it, Virginia Gassard '49, Athletic Association swimming chairman, announced yesterday.


She urged all Annex students interested in the sport to contact Marty Sherich '51, organizer of the squad, in Barnard Hall as quickly as possible.