Thanksgiving Was Brimmin' With Turkeys and Trimmin'

The noble bird has had his day.

This morning most men were wishing they hadn't had so much of him. Even those who didn't go home for joyous reunions with long-lost relatives got turkey all they could eat and more. The Houses had turkey, so did the Union, so did Radcliffe.

But in Cambridge there weren't many people around for Cotton Mather's only blowout. Less than one-quarter of the local undergraduate population was on deck for turkey day, and the Annex had a meager 140.

The Baffled Undergraduate

A lot of men were confused when they arrived for lunch. For one thing, they couldn't find the silverware; for another they couldn't find the butter, and after all what good is a turkey dinner without butter? Both were on the tables, along with mansize paper napkins, and a bowl of real fruit.


The 'Cliffe girls were even more amazed. They found linen tablecloths and napkins, flowers on the table, and PLATES. At Barnard, the shock was too great; they began to sing Christmas Carlos after dinner.

Sweetness and Light

Nearly everybody was thankful for something.

Harry Truman was thankful he could supervise those White House repairs to the bitter end. Jim Cronin was thankful the Yalies wouldn't be back until 1960. 22-year-old age group

Harvard students already receiving millitary training under the ROTC, NROTC, Enlisted Reserve Corps of the Army-and Navy, and branches of the National Guard are exempted from the regular draft program. Deforments will be made for special students