Barclay Lists Seven As Possible Starters

Gannon Not Ready After Three Days' Practice

Coach Bill Barclay's varsity basketball team doesn't open until Saturday, but if the Crimson had to play a game in the Blockhouse tonight, here's the way it would line up.

"For the guards," Barclay reported yesterday, "we would choose from Walt McCurdy, Cliff Crosby, and Dick Covey, last year's Jayvee captain. And up front, the starters would come from Bill Prior, Johnny Rockwell Jim Gabler, or Ed Smith."

How come Captain Chip Gannon is not listed? "Chip has only been out for three days," Barclay explained, "and he hasn't had a chance to pick up some of the changes in our system. Also, it may take a little for him to make the shift from football to basketball."

North-South Game Won't Conflict

Although Gannon will play in the Shriners' North-South football game in Miami's Orange Bowl on Christmas night, he indicated yesterday this would not interfere with his basketball. "I'll be able to play in all the games, including the Missouri Valley Conference competition," Chip pointed out. "We had planned to leave New York for Kansas City on the 26th of December, anyway, and now I'll just leave from Miami instead."


Harvard will meet a variety of Big Seven teams in that Christmas Vacation tourney at Kansas City, but Coach Barclay predicts that the Crimson will be able to match the mid-westerners in size and speed at least. "We have enough players of different shapes and sizes to match any combination we'll run up against," he said yesterday.